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Whether you are suffering from an illness or injury, relationship problems or wanting to shift belief systems that are no longer serving you, Kinesiology can assist you by looking at the mind-body-soul connection of your complaint.

Kinesiology is a healing modality that is best understood by receiving a session.

Kinesiology is a non-invasive complementary modality.  During a session you will remain fully clothed.

It is a good idea to bring a clean pair of socks with you as often a session will involve the practitioner touching your face after touching your feet.


During the session the practitioner will test the state of muscles in the affected area.  Often muscles are either over or under facilitated, this means that the muscles might not be turning themselves on or off at the appropriate times for specific movements.  This causes an imbalance of muscle pressure.  When a particular muscle is working too hard or not hard enough, it causes other muscles that are trying to work in unison to overcompensate.


With our fast paced lifestyles our adrenal glands can become over worked.  Our adrenal glands produce stress hormones.  It is normal for them to produce more of these hormones in times of stress and less when stressful periods have passed.  With the constant stress and pressure of the modern lifestyle they can become overworked, or worse still give up working properly.  De-stressing can assist the body to find balance .


Our digestive system uses a lot of energy to break down food which can be used as more fuel for energy.  With the prevalence of eating intolerences, food allergies and mal-absorption seeming to be on the rise, it is easy to blame the modern lifestyle.

The gut also holds a lot of gut wrenching emotion.  You may have been so emotionally upset at one time that it made you feel physically sick.  Working that stress out of the body can assist it to regain digestive balance.


Every person learns in different ways and has their own strengths and weaknesses.  Some people really struggle.  That struggle can be visual or auditory.  Some people even prefer to learn kinestheticallly.

By de-stressing and activating all of the learning pathways we have the best chance to draw on all the learning methods.

There are many methods Kinesiology uses for this and one is integrating primitive reflexes


Allergies are caused by our immune system hyper reacting to trigger stimulus.  Balancing the immune system can be of assistance.

Asthma can be triggered by allergens, but not for everyone.  In kinesiology we have procedures and exercises which can assist by de-stressing the diaphragm, the major muscle involved in breathing.


We easily blame relationship problems on the other person in the relationship.  By looking deeply at our own belief systems, we can see what is and isn't working for us in current situations.  This can give us a fresh perspective on our relationships and help us to approach them from a more balanced point of view.


Hormonal problems can be caused by such a wide variety of factors and our endocrine system is very much entwined with itself.  Kinesiology looks at the subtle energy systems that are linked to the different glands.  By restoring subtle energy flow to the glands the body can easily find balance.


Our pelvic floor is a group of muscles responsible for supporting our pelvic organs.  If the pelvic floor muscles are in a weakened state this can cause incontinence.  Kinesiology involves testing the state of these muscles and reducing stored stress to encourage the muscles to work well together.  These, like all Kinesiology sessions involve the client staying fully clothed and are non-invasive.


Kinesiology is a gentle method to assist in reducing toxicity from the body.  During a session the practitioner will test the muscle state of particular muscles related to glands or organs of the body.  De-stressing these areas and releasing emotional blocks can assist the body to find balance again.

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