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I went all through school with undiagnosed Dyslexia.  I taught myself to read and write as an adult but it was still a struggle and I would have to read things many times over to understand what I was reading.  After 3 sessions my work sent me on a training course and to my astonishment I easily read out of a training manual out loud to the whole class, I didn't stumble on the words but read it out loud fluently.  


I have had Carpel Tunnel Syndrome for years experiencing excrutiating pain in my hands and wrists especially at night causing lost sleep as well.  After visiting Melanie I have no more symptoms of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.  I saw her 8 months ago for this and still have full strength in my hands and no pain.  I will definitely book in again after such a great result from my last visit, I am so lucky to have avoided surgery.


Kinesiology has helped me with adrenal fatigue and when I first came to see her, I was operating from a state of panic in my day to day life. After several sessions, the panic had significantly decreased, so much so, that people around me had noticed this change too. I'm now living my life in a more balanced mental and physical state, which I never thought could be possible. Also, in another session, I had arrived to the appointment with lower back pain. By the time I had arrived home after the appointment, the back pain had completely disappeared!
I look forward to every session, healing and clearing that which does not serve a purpose in my life anymore. 


I had had lower back pain for several months after a fall.  Five minutes after having the initial session, I couldn’t believe how well I was moving and the reduction in the severity of pain was amazing.  After my second session I was pain free.  I have also had pain in my shoulders for 30+ years, so have had one session for that, and once again my level of movement has increased and my pain has reduced.  I am looking forward to my next session. 


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